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What Are Car Title Loans?

Car title loans, usually referred to as title loans, are short-term loans over a period of 15 or 30 days long. A car title loan enables you to borrow between 25% and 50% of your vehicle's value in exchange, and you have to give the lender your vehicle's title as collateral. While the loan name includes the phrase "car," these loans may also be available for motorbikes, boats, and recreational vehicles.

In many circumstances, you will need to own your automobile outright to qualify for the loan. Although this is unusual, certain lenders will give you title loans if your vehicle is almost paid off. The lender will require a physical inspection of the car, photo identification, and evidence of insurance. Numerous lenders will also need a duplicate set of vehicle keys.

If you obtain a title loan, you will not receive your vehicle title back until you have repaid the loan amount in full, along with the lender's finance charge and any additional fees.

There are two main reasons why title loans are so popular. Firstly, a borrower's credit rating is not considered while establishing their eligibility. Secondly, a $100 title loan can be authorized rapidly due to looser application standards. Regardless of your credit history, you can still apply for an online car title loan with WeLoans and have many lenders review your application.

What Information Should I Look for if I Apply for a Title Loan?

Title loans are treated like other types of credit under federal law. There are important information applicants must check when applying for a title loan, including:

  • Loan's cost

    Lenders must inform you in writing of the loan's cost before you sign the loan agreement. They must disclose the finance fee in dollars and the annual percentage rate(APR). Lenders calculate APR using the amount borrowed, the monthly finance charge, the fees you'll incur (processing fees, document fees, and other charges), and the loan term. Calculate the annual percentage rate (APR) to compare the cost of borrowing money from various lenders. It's the most straightforward technique to determine the cost of a loan.

  • Additional costs and penalties

    Carefully study the loan agreement to determine any additional costs or fees. These may include late penalties or charges for returned checks. Plus, there may be expenses associated with rolling over the loan.

  • State's title lending regulations

    You can also contact your state attorney general or regulatory agency to learn about your state's title lending regulations. Numerous states have enacted legislation to protect residents from high-cost title lending through modest loan rate limitations or other methods. Multiple states also need lenders to be licensed to conduct business within the state.

How to apply for a car title loan?

  • 1

    Apply Now

    Simply complete and submit the online application form, which requests information about your personal and financial circumstances. Provide basic information about your cars, such as their model and mileage. It takes as little as three minutes to finish. WeLoans will then submit your request for review to our network of 150+ lenders.

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    Locate a Loan Store in Your Area

    Once you've been pre-qualified, one of WeLoans' potential title car loan lenders will contact you with the address of the nearest lending store. Take your vehicle's title and identification with you. Proof of residency (utility bill), evidence of income, and proof of vehicle insurance may be required in some areas. They'll conduct a thorough assessment of your vehicle to establish its value.

  • 3

    Funds Released

    If you accept the offer and the transaction is completed, cash will be put into your account the following business day.

Example of a Title Loan

Here is an example of how a typical car title loan works:

Consider a $500 car title loan that must be repaid within a month and bears a 240 percent annual percentage rate. It equates to a monthly rate of 20%. To settle the debt under these terms, the borrower must pay the automobile title loan firm $600 in principal and interest. For persons in urgent need of $500, spending an additional $100 in interest over one month may increase their financial hardship.

Alternatively, take a $5,000 car title loan with a 108 % APR that must be repaid in 24 monthly payments. In this case, a 24-month automobile title loan with monthly compounding will cost the borrower $7,362.71 in interest on top of the $5,000 principal, for a total payoff of $12,362.71. Note that this does not include extra costs and fees.

Can I Get A Cash Advance With My Car?

At WeLoans, we can help you get in a cash advance using your car title quickly and efficiently and immediately cater to your emergency needs. A cash advance based on your car title does not necessitate a visit to our store. You only need to visit our WeLoans website and provide your personal and financial information. We'll then link you with over 150+ reputable, direct ethical lenders that can provide you with a responsible cash advance on your car title at a reasonable rate. Plus, they come with a range of flexible terms for you to consider so that you land the best deal.

Bad Credit Car Title Loans

If you have a bad credit score and a stable source of income, you are eligible to obtain a bad credit car title loan. WeLoans connects you with lenders who will leverage your automobile as collateral. We are not a credit-based lender/broker. Instead, our lenders use the equity in your car, truck, or van to give you an instant title loan near me.

Individuals with poor credit or those in financial hardship who require quick cash may find title loans appealing. However, title loans, particularly car title loans, come with high fees that should concern applicants.

An average car title loan's annual percentage rate (APR) can reach 300 percent and is nearly always greater than 100 percent interest. The high APR can trap debtors in a financial treadmill, preventing them from ever catching up and repaying the loan's principal.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Title Loan?

Usually, it takes about 3 minutes to fill in your personal and financial information when applying for online cash title loans at WeLoans. Once lenders approve your application, it may take 24-72 hours to obtain the applied car title loan.

Our lenders may process your application much faster if you give the necessary documents for review upfront. For us to fund your title loan, it is entirely dependent on how quickly you can provide us with the required car title loan documents.

Explore a Variety of Car Title Loans Now

There are several types of quick loans. However, the two most popular ones are payday loans and personal loans. The major difference between these two is the repayment plan and total cost of the loan.

Alternatives to Car Title Loans

While title loans may appear to be an attractive alternative for those experiencing financial troubles, they frequently leave borrowers in a worse financial situation than before due to the high-interest rates and costs. Other alternatives to title loans include:

Borrow from family and friends. While borrowing money from family or friends can be challenging, it may be worthwhile to avoid taking out or rolling over a payday or title loan.

Ask your creditors for a repayment extension. Before incurring further debt, people might restructure their existing debt or appeal for an extension on their loans from creditors, who are willing to agree in the short term. If they provide a loan repayment extension, enquire whether they will charge you for the service, including a late fee, an additional finance charge, or an increased interest rate.

Request for a paycheck advance from your boss. Your company may be willing to reimburse you for money earned but not paid. For instance, if you work seven days but your next scheduled payment is not due for another five days, your employer may be able to compensate you for the seven days worked. Then, they will take the next paycheck from your account.

Apply for a loan from a credit union. Credit unions often charge lower interest rates than banks or other lending institutions, and some federal credit unions provide modest loan products called "payday alternative loans" or "PALs." PAL loans are far more affordable than payday or car title loans.

Apply for your tax refund. If you believe you may be due a tax refund, file asap. According to the IRS, refunds are typically issued within 21 days or less if you file online. Request that the IRS deposit your refund directly into your bank account.

Consider a community bank. Local banks can provide smaller loans with more favorable repayment terms than large, established banks. Consult a local bank in your area to determine whether you qualify for a loan.


  • Do Title Loans ruin your credit?

    No. Title loans only display that your vehicle will be used for collateral. The cost does not reflect your average monthly income. There are no minimum credit card debt requirements, and the rates are generally lower than for credit cards.

  • What is the most common type of title loan?

    The most common title loan is a car title/vehicle loan. It leverages a vehicle purchased as collateral in the event of default. The financing terms are determined by several factors, including the value and age of the vehicle, credit rating, length of time financed, and fees charged.

  • What's the lowest I can get for a title loan?

    The amount you receive in a title loan depends on the value of your car and whether or not you have all of your car's paperwork in order. The borrower can expect to take out $3,000 if they use a car valued at $15,000. So, it's anywhere from %to 15%.

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