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Being a highly professional loan broker online in America, Weloans has established close connection with the most suitable lenders for payday loans in Colorado. Find more details below.

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    15 Best Payday Loans & Cash Advance in Colorado (CO)

    Here we show you detailed infos related to some payday loan lenders in Colorado. Click on the button below to get a quote now.

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    Colorado Payday Loans Regulations

    • Loan Amount (max)


    • Loan Term (max)

      6 months

    • Finance Charges

      no more than 36% of the loan

    • APR

    Abide by the laws in Colorado, payday loans are Legal.The interest rate can be 36%.You can borrow $500 at most.1 rollovers are allowed. Finance charges is no more than 36% of the loan. All borrowers must clear the debt within 3 years (from the last payment).

    How Much Can I Borrow in Colorado?

    • In Colorado, you can borrow up to $500 (total), and the minimum loan amount is not specified.
    • While you are allowed to take several loans, the outstanding amount should not exceed $500 at one given time.

    What are the Rates, Fees, and Other Charges in Colorado?

    • No more than 36% can be charged for any short loan, more details are as follow:
      • 1. Organization fee – up to 20% of the first $300 loan, plus 7.5% of any amount above $300 loan.
      • 2. Maintenance fee – up to $30 per month.

      How Much Would a $100 Payday Loan Cost?

      With a 14 days term:


      Loan cost: $100*36%* (14/365)=$1.4

      To return: Principal+Loan cost=$100+$1.4=$101.4

      What is the Maximum Term for a Payday Loan in Colorado?

      • The maximum term is 6 months.
      • No penalty for early repayment.

      Consumer Information


      From July 2020, lenders are not required to check a borrower’s ability to repay a loan.

      Be careful, evaluate your financial situation, and don’t get into a debt trap.

      The rule was changed by the CFPB.

      • One NSF collection fee of no more than $25 can be charged.
      • The loan amount plus the attorney fee can be recovered through a court trial In case the loan is not repaid. However, a collection agency is not allowed to file any actions against a borrower apart from the cases when the checking account of a borrower was closed before the repayment was done.
      • The practice of spitting a loan into two parts is forbidden in Colorado, through which lenders can gain more profits by charging interest from both parties of the loan and therefore withdrawing more money from the borrower.

      For more details about the laws and regulations in Colorado, you may refer to the official website of the Office of the Attorney General.

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    It is quite simple to get an online payday loan in Colorado. Just hit your target city and pick out the lender who matches with your financial status.

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    Colorado Payday Loan Calculator

    Find out the amount of money you're going to pay for a Colorado payday loan easily with the calculator below.

    Estimated Payment

    $ null

    • Total Principal Paid:$ 1,000.00
    • Finance charge:$ 255.62
    • APR: 311.00 %

    Payment Breakdown

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