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Online loans are digital ways of borrowing money. It is time-saving and convenient, without the hassle of visiting banks and loan companies. WeLoans is a secure platform that can help you get up to $5,000 online loans. Get started today!

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What is an Online Loan?

Online loans are personal, unsecured loans that are offered by either individual online lenders or traditional banks. Brokers like WeLoans can help you connect to a panel of lenders who are willing to fund your loan quickly.

With an online loan, you can complete the entire borrowing process from the comfort of your home. From submitting your personal information to loan funding, everything can be done via the internet. The entire process is streamlined by WeLoans which helps you submit a loan request with ease.

Online loans are an extremely convenient way to borrow money. Our panel of lenders offer competitive interest rates and have fewer requirements than a traditional bank.

Online lenders clearly disclose the APR (annual percentage rate) of the loan, the term, and any additional fees such as financing charges or late payment penalties.

What Can You Use an Online Loan For?

Online loans can be used for a variety of purposes. Especially for those who have a poor credit score, getting an online loan is a convenient way of managing finances. Whether you're looking for a way to consolidate debt from credit cards or fund an expensive car repair, online loans offer an efficient way to get cash.

Here are a few ways that you can use an online loan:

  • Home Renovations

    To pay for an expensive and essential home repair, you can request for an online loan to lower your financial burden.

  • Car Repair

    Has your car suddenly stopped working properly? Car repairs can be expensive to pay for, so an online loan can help you find the repairs in time instead of waiting until you save up.

  • Unexpected Medical Expenses

    If you or a loved one has gotten into a medical emergency, then you can use WeLoans to connect to individual lenders who are willing to fund your online loan.

  • Rent Payments

    Can't find the cash to pay for your rent this month? Instead of worrying, request an online loan to ensure that you make the rent payment in time.

Requirements For an Online Loan Application

WeLoan's online loan forms are incredibly easy to access and complete. All you need to do is share information like your Social Security Number and bank account information through the website.

Other requirements to request for an online loan include:

  • Local home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Local bank account in your own name

The initial loan request form is simple. You will be asked to include your personal information such as full name and date of birth. You can also specify your required loan amount and purpose for the loan.

Finding the right online loan can get you the most competitive interest rate and loan term. You can shop around for the best online loan that suits your current financial situation. You should always consider the loan's repayment terms, fees, and interest rate before accepting.

Some lenders might ask for your credit history to determine your creditworthiness. Since online loans are unsecured, lenders need to be assured that you can pay the loan back in due time. A few lenders might have strict requirements such as hard credit checks, but that depends on the lender themselves.

Pros and Cons of Online Loans


  • Convenient and Simple

    The entire borrowing procedure can be completed from your computer or phone. All you need to do is access WeLoan's website and enter some basic information about yourself.

  • Low Risk

    Online lenders allow you to preview the terms of your loan before finalizing it. This helps you confirm whether the terms are suitable enough for you to repay the loan in time.

  • Credit Score Isn't Everything

    Even if you have a bad credit score, online lenders might be willing to fund your loan depending on your circumstances. Some lenders consider your education and occupation as well.

  • Loan Shopping

    Getting an online loan gives you the liberty of checking different online lenders before finalizing one. This helps you get the most competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans.

  • Debt Consolidation

    With an online loan, you can sometimes opt for the loan funds to be sent directly to your creditors. This removes the burden of paying off individual credit card bills yourself.

  • Build Credit History

    If you pay your loan repayment installments on time, then you can build a good credit history over time. Most online brokers report payments to all local credit bureaus.


  • Higher Cost

    Some online lenders offer loan funds at a higher cost than traditional credit unions. Since these loans are unsecured, they may come with a high interest rate.

  • No Direct Interaction

    With online loans, your interaction with the lender is limited to electronic communication only. This can become a challenge if you ever want to speak with your lender in-person.

  • Small Loans are Unavailable

    Loan amounts under $500 are often charged at a high interest rate by lenders. If you are looking for a small loan, then a local credit union might be a better option.

  • Many Predators

    Not every online loan service is secure and reliable. In fact, many predators advertise that they do not conduct any credit checks before approving your loan.

Most Popular Online Loans

Online Loans vs. Traditional Loans

Deciding between an online loan or a traditional loan from a bank can be a difficult task. However, your decision should be based on your own requirements for the loan. Here are a few differences to consider:

1. Personalized Loan Service

With traditional loans, you can get a face-to-face exchange at the bank when applying for your loan. If you value personal interaction and need reassurance about the safety of your loan, then banks might be the best option for you.

2. Quick Cash

If you need money immediately, then applying for an online loan is a better option. Online brokers help you connect with independent lenders instantly and these lenders can approve your loan quicker than the bank. Some of these lenders fund the loan on the same day or within 1-2 business days.

3. Sharing Information

With an online loan, you will be required to share personal information such as your Social Security number and bank account information via the web. If you are comfortable sharing sensitive information on the internet, then online loans are great for you. If not, then you can opt for a traditional loan from a bank.

4. Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit score, then traditional banks may not be willing to lend you money. With online broker services, you can find a suitable independent lender who is willing to fund your loan despite the less-than-desirable credit score.

5. Interest Rate

Online lenders are likely to give you more competitive interest rates as there are many lenders offering loans on the internet. Traditional loans through banks often have more rigid interest rate policies.

Are Online Loans Safe?

The safety of online loans depends on the type of loan that you request. For instance, payday loans can be a great way to get small amounts of cash quickly. However, these loans are expensive and charge high APRs that can result in borrowers getting stuck in debt.

If you are looking for a small loan, then WeLoans offers online personal loans with competitive interest rates and manageable repayment terms. Even if your credit score is poor or average, the panel of lenders at WeLoans may be willing to fund your loan.

Any online loan requested through WeLoans is safe and secured as our panel of lenders are highly reliable. However, it is recommended to do your own research before finalizing a loan.

How Much Will an Online Loan Cost?

The cost of an online loan depends on a few factors, including your credit score and debt-to-income ratio. The higher your credit score is, the lower interest you'll have to pay on the online loan.

Lenders charge different interest rates depending on the amount borrowed and length of repayment. Before you finalize a loan offer, it is essential to investigate how much you'll be paying back over the life of the loan. This number can help you determine whether it's possible for you to easily manage loan repayments.

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  • Q1. What online loan is the best?

    The best online loan is one that helps you reach a monetary goal, such as covering a large expense or consolidating debt. An online loan can help you lessen your financial burden and makes it easy to manage finances over time.

  • Q2. How do I get an online loan quickly?

    Online lenders often specialize in fast funding loans. You can get an online loan quickly by requesting one through WeLoans. When you connect with a lender, you can ask them whether they can transfer the funds within 1-2 business days.

  • Q3. Is it possible to get an online loan with a co-signer?

    Yes, some online lenders offer co-sign loans where you can add someone with a higher credit score to boost your chance of approval.

  • Q4. What should you know before you borrow?

    Before taking an online loan, make sure you do your own research. Beware of lenders advertising loans with no credit checks as they can be a scam.

  • Q5. How can you shop for an online loan?

    To shop for an online loan, you can compare the fees, APR, and interest rate offered by various lenders. You can also look out for prepayment penalties, automatic rollovers, and the loan term.

  • Q6. How are WeLoans different?

    WeLoans offers a great way to get fast cash with online loans. You can borrow a loan for any amount ranging between $100 to $35,000, depending on your requirement. With our reliable panel of lenders, WeLoans strives to connect you with a suitable lender as quickly as possible.

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