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What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are unsecured, fixed-rate loans. A personal loan can help you borrow money from a lender for any purpose. Many people apply for a personal loan to cover a large, unexpected expense or to consolidate their debt. The loan can be repaid with fixed monthly installments over a specified term, typically between two to seven years.

Interest rates and loan terms for a personal loan are fixed beforehand. This means that you can choose a personal loan amount that fits your budget. With personal loans, you can also know the exact date when the amount will be fully paid off.

Since personal loans are unsecured, no collateral is required. Most personal lenders offer lower interest rates than credit cards.

Lenders often look at your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and occupation when considering giving you a personal loan. It is possible to get a personal loan from major banks, direct lenders, and even online brokers like WeLoans.

What You Need to Do Before Taking a Personal Loan

Before you take a personal loan, there are a few things that you should consider. Here's what you need to do before getting a personal loan:

  • Check Your Credit Score

    Your credit score is a number that reflects your ability to repay creditors. Based on your credit score, you can get an idea of what interest rate and payment plans to expect from lenders. Most lenders offer competitive interest rates and repayment terms to borrowers with a good credit score. You can even decide to postpone your personal loan and take certain steps to build your credit score before.

  • Go Loan Shopping

    Loan shopping refers to comparing all your available loan options. Interest rates on personal loans can vary from lender to lender, so it is a good idea to compare loan terms before finalizing one. You can also consider comparing a personal loan with a credit card depending on your financial situation.

  • Find a Co-Signer

    Co-signers are individuals with good credit who sign on your loan as well. This gives you a better chance at getting your loan approved as the co-signer has a better creditworthiness than you. If you can get a co-signer, then lenders may be willing to offer lower interest rates.

  • Consider a Secured Loan

    A secured loan is one where you provide an asset as collateral against your loan. This can be your car title, home title, savings account, or any other asset. Secured loans often offer better interest rates, but they involve the risk of losing your asset if you are unable to repay the loan.

  • Evaluate Your Financial Situation

    Before getting a personal loan, you should always consider whether you actually need it. Personal loans are best for situations where you have a long-term financial plan. If you plan to use the loan money to consolidate debt, then it might be a good idea to get one. However, it is not recommended to take a loan if the interest payments will only add financial stress on you.

Reasons to Get a Personal Loan

The best part about getting a personal loan is the versatility that it offers. You can use the loan money for any purpose and improve your financial health.

Here are the 5 top reasons to get a personal loan:

  • 1. Large Expenses

    If you have a large expense, then a personal loan can help you finance it without emptying your bank account.

  • 2. Home Repairs

    If you need to add a home office or get some necessary repairs, then a personal loan can help you pay for them.

  • 3. Medical Bills

    Unexpected emergencies can result in huge medical bills that you cannot afford. To get out of this financial strain, you can get a personal loan.

  • 4. Weddings

    The expense of getting married is significant. To help you stick to a budget, consider getting a personal loan to pay for the wedding.

  • 5. Debt Consolidation

    If you are unable to pay off your debt or are tired of the interest payments on your credit card, then you can get a personal loan to repay the debt quickly.

How to Choose the Best Personal Loan?

The best personal loan is one that helps you pay for a large, unexpected expense and removes your financial burden.

Before you decide whether a personal loan is right for you, you should compare rates from different lenders. WeLoans partners with a panel of lenders who offer competitive interest rates. Remember that a loan offer with the lowest APR is the best choice as it is the least expensive one.

You should also consider the loan's term and monthly installment amount. If you opt for a longer time, the amount you repay monthly might be lower, but you will be paying more interest throughout the term. You can choose the best personal loan for yourself by assessing how the repayment plan fits with your monthly budget.

Some lenders provide other consumer-friendly features that may be of help to you. If you are trying to consolidate debt with a loan, then you might be able to find a lender who sends the amount directly to your creditors. This saves you the hassle of receiving money from the lender and then sending it to the creditor. Other lenders may be willing to offer flexible payment options and methods that can provide convenience.

How to Get a Personal Loan from WeLoans?

The best personal loan is one that helps you pay for a large, unexpected expense and removes your financial burden.

  • Step 1: Prepare Information Online

    On the WeLoans website, you will be prompted to provide some basic information about yourself when requesting a personal loan. This includes your full name, date of birth, social security number, and bank account details.

  • Step 2: Finalize an Offer

    Once we get your details, you will be connected to a panel of lenders who are willing to offer you a personal loan with competitive rates. You can compare these rates with other lenders and choose one that suits you best.

  • Step 3: Get Paid

    As soon as the lender approves your loan and you agree with the terms and conditions, they will deposit your money to the bank account provided. This can be as soon as the same day or within 2-3 business days.

Types of Personal Loans

WeLoans offers multiple types of personal loans that you can apply for. These include:

Credit Card Consolidation Loan

If you are tired of your credit card bills and interest payments, then you can get a credit card consolidation loan to pay off your bank.

When you give car security to a lender, they have the confidence that you'll make sure to repay the money lent to get back your car.

Debt Consolidation Loans

You can simplify your debt by paying it off at once with a debt consolidation personal loan. Then, you can continue to pay off the loan with fixed monthly installments.

The lender calculates how much you can borrow based on the quality and value of your motorcycle. You may be eligible for a one-time payment or a short-term instalment loan.

Balance Transfer Loans

Lenders offer a lower APR to borrowers who want them to pay the amount directly to their creditors. Just tell them who to pay and how much, and they will get the job done for you.

Home Improvement Loans

These personal loans are designed to fund your home renovation project without waiting for a line of credit.

Will I Qualify for a Personal Loan?

To qualify for a personal loan, you must fulfill these basic requirements:

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Verifiable U.S. Bank Account
  • 18 Years of Age
  • Social Security Number

WeLoan makes finding a car title loan lender easier for you. We will swiftly link you with several car title lenders when you contact us. You can compare their prices, terms, and conditions before deciding on one.

What Do Our Customers Say?

"WeLoans got me a reasonable rate for my personal loan and helped me finance my home renovations easily. Thanks for the amazing service!"

- Zoe

"It was incredibly easy to use WeLoans to find the right lender for my personal loan!"

- Marcus Bailey

"The customer representative was super helpful in helping me figure out which loan was right for me."

- Samantha

"I found a lender to fund my personal loan within a few hours only! That's amazingly fast service. "

- Ryan

"WeLoans got me a reasonable rate for my personal loan and helped me finance my home renovations easily. Thanks for the amazing service!"

- Zoe

"It was incredibly easy to use WeLoans to find the right lender for my personal loan!"

- Marcus Bailey

Other Types of Loans Available


  • Q1. What rate should I expect on a personal loan?

    A good interest rate for a personal loan is typically one that is lower than the national average of 9.41%. However, you should expect a rate according to your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, income, and employment status. It is also important to evaluate the loan term (how long you will take to repay it) and any additional fees that might be charged.

  • Q2. Am I eligible for a personal loan?

    Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid U.S. bank account can request for a personal loan. It is also necessary to have a Social Security number. If you fulfill these requirements, then you are eligible to request a personal loan from our panel of lenders.

  • Q3. How does COVID-19 impact personal loans?

    The COVID-19 crisis led to many lenders introducing hardship loans for those who suffered from financial losses due to the pandemic. However, other lenders added a few extra requirements for their loans which made it difficult for borrowers with bad credit to get a personal loan.

    During these difficult times, it is important to reach out to your broker and lender to get a complete figure of all your options. You might find a lender who is willing to defer your loan payments for a specified period of time if you are dealing with extreme financial loss.

  • Q4. How to qualify for a personal loan?

    Your credit score will play a crucial role in determining whether you qualify for a personal loan. It is recommended that you check your credit score or obtain a complete credit report before requesting a loan.

    If you have a low credit score, then you can improve it by reducing your debt-to-income ratio. Other strategies to improve your credit score include making repayments on time, lowering your credit utilization from credit cards, and keeping old credit accounts open to prove your credit worthiness.

    Other factors that play a role in your qualification for a personal loan include the loan amount that you need to borrow, loan term, and loan purpose.

  • Q5. What are the benefits of getting a WeLoans personal loan?

    WeLoans strives to provide borrowers with a platform that makes it easy to get personal loans. Here are a few benefits that we offer:

    • No Fees: WeLoans does not charge any additional fees on your personal loan. Regardless of your loan amount, there are no origination fees, processing fees, late fees, or prepayment penalties imposed by us.
    • Fixed Payment Plans: Our panel of reliable lenders offer personal loans with fixed APRs and loan terms. This helps borrowers understand how much debt they have to pay off and when.
    • Convenience: The process of getting a personal loan from WeLoans is simple and convenient. You can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home through the WeLoans website.
    • Reliable Lenders: As a broker, WeLoans offers a variety of lenders who are safe and reliable to work with.
  • Q6. How are personal loans different from credit cards?

    Credit cards only work well if you are able to pay off your bill by the end of each month to avoid high interest payments. With personal loans, you can enjoy financial freedom as you will receive a lump sum amount of money upfront with a fixed interest rate throughout the loan term.

    Personal loans are a great option for debt consolidation. In some cases, personal loans can offer lower interest rates than your credit card.

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