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If you’re in urgent need of $50 and couldn’t find it in your pocket or bank account, it’s time to consider instant money apps that can provide you with the funds immediately. Borrow $50 quickly and conveniently through these best instant money apps in the US!

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Best Instant Money Apps for $50 Loans

When you’re in need of an instant $50 loan, credit cards might be your first solution. However, if you have no access to a credit card, you can turn to $50 loan instant apps whenever you need one and apply from anywhere.

Here’s a list to get everything in order and make the selection process easier for you once you know the features, pros, and cons of the leading instant money apps for this year.

1. Brigit

Having served millions of borrowers, an all-time customer-favorite instant cash app for a $50 loan is Brigit. With this app, you can borrow an instant $50 loan without any long, complex procedures. The process is quick, and over 1 million members have used the app for loan purposes.

The biggest advantages are its no credit check and no interest policy. The app automatically sets the repayment schedules, too, depending on your payday and bank holdings. However, you will have to pay a flat $10/month fee.


  • Offers budget tracking feature
  • Auto-advances for Brigit Plus Members in case of bank account overdraw risk
  • No interest or hidden charges
  • No credit check


  • Must have an active checking account
  • Unavailable for joint checking accounts
  • $10 membership fee every month

2. MoneyLion

When urgent expenses are out of your control and you need to borrow money instantly, MoneyLion can get you more than $50 cash advances.

And the best part is, there is no interest, hidden charges, or monthly fees. However, there are some downsides to the app. You need to link your bank account to your MoneyLion account to be able to get the money. Another requirement is that you need to have had your MoneyLion account for the past 2 months at least to apply for a cash advance.


    • No credit check
    • No interest, hidden charges, or monthly fee
    • 0% APR by linking to a checking account
    • Access to 55,000+ zero-fee ATMs


    • Must have an existing MoneyLion account for at least 2 months
    • Deposits take 3-5 days or 12-48 hours at least

3. Chime

If you’re worried about your bank charging an overdraft fee, it’s time you switched to Chime. You can take a loan of anywhere between $20 and $200 without any additional fees or interest charges.

Now, you can pay for expenses that cross your current budget directly through Chime SpotMe’s card after signing up. Plus, you don’t have to wait weeks before requesting a loan after registering on the app; you can borrow a loan the next second!


    • No credit check
    • No interest, hidden charges, or monthly fee
    • Offers free debit and credit card
    • No waiting period, instant deposits


    • No in-person service available
    • Fee-free overdrafts only for eligible customers
    • Fee applicable on ATM withdrawals and deposits
    • Limited spending limit

4. Dave

Trusted as one of the most reliable instant loan apps, you can immediately borrow small loans through Dave. Think of it as your very own alarm when your bank account is about to overdraw.

With Dave, you can get an instant loan worth $100. However, this depends on your account overview and previous repayment habits. The deposit is made within 3 days for standard users and 8 hours with express delivery for Plus members.

The app charges a minimal $1/month as membership charges. With that, you also get free ATM withdrawals and debit card usage.


    • No interest, hidden charges, or monthly fee
    • No credit check
    • Automatic budgeting feature
    • Free ATM withdrawals and debit card


    • Monthly membership charges
    • Must link to checking account
    • Automatic repayments on the due date - risks bank account overdraw
    • 3 days for standard delivery

5. PaydaySay

PaydaySay is not a lender itself but an instant money app that plays the role of a broker. In other words, you request the amount you need, and the app connects you with relevant lenders. As a result, you can borrow up to $1000!

You will need to be careful, as the fees and interest rates depend on the lenders and are usually high in this case. The partnering lenders will deposit your money within 48 hours but will also conduct a credit check.


    • Ability to compare lenders and choose
    • Larger instant loan amounts up to $1000
    • Instant deposit within 1-2 days


    • High fee and interest rates
    • Credit check required
    • Debt cycle in case of delayed repayments
    • Must provide access to checking account

6. Cleo

Cleo lets you take a cash advance when you’re about to overdraw your bank account. Borrow up to $100 with no interest rates involved.

There are two accounts on Cleo: the basic version and Cleo Plus. While the standard version offers a handful of features, including a budgeting tool and digital wallet, you can only get an instant loan after subscribing to Cleo Plus for a monthly $5.99 fee.

The app is similar to many other instant money apps, but with a bonus advantage of earning cash-back rewards with weekly quizzes and interest on your savings in Cleo's wallet.


    • Easy and automatic budget tracking
    • Ability to build credit
    • Earn cash back rewards and interests on savings


    • Must get Cleo Plus for cash advance
    • Chat-based approach isn’t for everyone
    • Must link to a Facebook account
    • Doesn’t work with all banks

7. Empower

By signing up with Empower, you don’t have to give another thought to your poor credit history, long applications, high-interest rates, or minimal account deposits.

The app lets you borrow up to $250 and repay it by your next payday. Additionally, it uses AI-integrated features like Apple Pay touchless payment alongside easier finance tracking.


    • No overdraft fee
    • $0 minimum deposit
    • No interest rates
    • Autosave features to save money weekly


    • $8/month fee after a 14-days trial
    • Low APY (0.05%)
    • Cash deposits unavailable

8. Earnin

Diverging from the traditional instant loan apps function, Earnin lets you withdraw a cash advance against your monthly paycheck. A better way to understand it is that you’re taking out your hard-earned money a little sooner than your payday.

While the daily withdrawal limit is $100, you can access up to $500 before your payday, with no fee or interest applicable! The app operates with the tips it gets from its customers, that, too, is optional. The standard deposit delivery takes 1-3 days, or you can pay $2.99 for immediate transfer.


    • No fees, hidden fees, or interest charges
    • No credit check
    • Early paycheck access up to $500
    • Automatic repayments on payday


    • Limited eligibility: only permanent employees with direct bank deposits
    • Low daily withdrawal limit

9. DailyPay

Another app that offers paycheck advance, but with the unique feature of 100% advance on your wages whereas other apps only offer 50% or a couple hundred dollars at best.

DailyPay is ideal for anyone who wants a bigger advance without the expense of high-interest rates or fees, as is the case with loans. However, the app needs not just you to register as a user, but also your employer, which limits many users considering that their employers are not ready to get on board.


    • 100% paycheck advance
    • Automates savings


    • Employer must be a DailyPay partner
    • Must be a permanent employee
    • Difficulty in reaching customer service
    • $3 fee on every withdrawal

10. Albert

Struggling to make your financial ends meet until your next payday? Albert helps you borrow up to $250, and you can request a cash advance three times per pay period.

The no fee and interest charge policy attracts many users, along with the added benefit of no credit check for those with poor credit. You will need to have repaid your past paycheck advances on time to get another one, though.


    • No fee, hidden fee, or interest charges
    • Earn cash back rewards
    • Automatic savings feature
    • No minimum deposits required


    • $4/month membership fee after a 30-days trial
    • Doesn’t work with joint accounts
    • Monthly bank deposits required

How To Choose the Best $50 Loan Instant App?

With thousands of instant loan apps on the market, it’s tough to decide. While weighing the pros and cons of each can make the selection smoother, there are other factors that you need to look into, too, and these are:

Loan Amount

Based on the instant cash app, an app may allow you to request a maximum loan of $50, $75, or $100, or even above. Choose an instant cash app whose range includes the amount you need.

Application Process

Is the application process simple and quick? You don’t want to spend hours on an application form that’s as difficult to fill out as an unprepared exam.

Fees and Charges

Some instant cash apps demand origination or membership fees first to apply for a loan, while others don’t. Eliminate the ones with ridiculously high total fees and charges.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are another way to check not just if the app is a scam (which is common nowadays), but also how good it is. These reviews can help in shortlisting reliable instant cash apps.

Credit Building

Many instant cash apps are now connecting their users to credit bureaus to build and improve their credit history with the loans they take from the apps. Look for instant money apps that report to credit bureaus so that your timely repayment can slightly increase your credit score, especially if it’s currently below average.

Alternatives to Instant Money Apps

You're not alone if you think getting fast cash through instant money apps is not for you. Whether the application process gets you off-track or you need to borrow a bigger amount, there are other options that you can consider.

Below are three alternatives that you can explore and choose from.

Credit Union Apps

If you have a credit card and want to access the money using your mobile phone, you can download the credit union app with which your card is associated. They provide features similar to a bank, like deposits, transactions, and cash advances. With a few swipes and clicks, you can get the money you need in a much more secure and convenient way.

Small Payday Loans

Payday loans are quick, convenient, and enable borrowers to get a loan of up to $5000. Like instant money apps, you can receive a payday loan within a day of application and approval.

The process can be done physically by visiting a traditional lender or via online brokers like WeLoans. With abundant useful information about loans and borrowing options, we also connect you with multiple lenders that offer competitive small loan rates and terms.

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Borrow from Family & Friends

Suppose you don’t want to borrow money from a "lender" per se. The last resort for this situation during financial troubles would be to borrow from a family member, close relative, or a friend.

The plus point is that there would be no interest rates. However, the inability to pay on time can result in disputes and relationship problems. Whether or not you’re ready to risk that for a loan is up to you.

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