Installment Loans in Boulder, CO

Locating good installment loans in Boulder is easy, and you can do this more conveniently with our help. Check out the installment loan details in this city below.

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    15 Best Installment Loans in Boulder, CO

    We provide below a list of our top-choice installment loans in the city of Boulder. You can speedily approved and funded installment loans from these lenders.

    Installment Loans in Other Cities of Colorado

    Apart from Boulder, we can find you installment loans in other cities that are also in Colorado. Have a thorough look at the installment lender information there by select the target city below.

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    Boulder Installment Loan Calculator

    The calculator below will show you accurately your monthly payment if you take out an installment loan in Boulder.

    Monthly Payment


    • Total Principal Paid:$10,000.00
    • Total Interest Paid:$327.97
    • Loan term:12 months
    Show amortization schedule

    Boulder Installment Loans Near Where You Live

    Peak Equity Solutions LLP
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    Loan agency
    Caliber Funding
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    Loan agency
    Loan agency
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    • 1. How Many Loan Stores Can I Find in Boulder, CO?

      There are 15 installment lending companies located in Boulder, CO.
    • 3. What Do People Have to Say About the Best Guaranteed Installment Loans in Boulder, CO?

      The best installment lending companies in Boulder, CO is DigniFi. Below are the most recent comments that people say about them.

      "May just be my experience, but they will not tell you if a personal bank account gets denied, or really anything. I validated everything and it was correct, but for some reason it was still denied. Could be my side, but regardless, there was no notification or phone call. Got hit with a $28 charge that could not be disputed and was just told sorry multiple times. I made the payment over the phone and was charged a transaction fee but was not told it would be for the next month's charge. So I have to call again and explain what's going on. I spent more time listening to the guy repeat over and over about things I wasn't calling about and waiting time. I'd try to talk and was talked over every time, so I finally just continued my sentences, then repeated them. Was also told during the first call that I can only make one payment every two weeks. Can't wait to be done dealing with this company in June! Came to eventually find out that my final payment would be AFTER the 6 month deal they had by TWO WEEKS. You're not sneaky, and you're not getting that interest charge from me. Nope. It will all be paid in full before that deadline. Two stars because they're at least upholding the 0% interest for the first 6 months...or should I say five and a half."

    • 5. Can I Take Out Guaranteed Installment Loans in Boulder, CO with No Credit Check?

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a personal installment loan with no credit check. Nevertheless, WeLoans can help you find 100+ lenders who conduct just soft credit checks when taking out a personal installment loan online.
    • 2. What Are the Top 3 Loan Stores in Boulder, CO?

      The top 3 installment lending companies in Boulder, CO are DigniFi, Cherry Creek Mortgage, LLC - Boulder, and Blue Federal Credit Union - Arapahoe Avenue.
    • 4. Can I Take Out Guaranteed Installment Loans in Boulder, CO Even If I Have Bad Credit?

      Yes. You can pick one of the above companies you trust and visit their store. Or you can also take out bad credit installment loans online here, which is quick and easy.
    • 6. Is it Possible for an Unemployed Person to Obtain Guaranteed Installment Loans in Boulder, CO?

      Sure, you can apply for a personal installment loan online even if you are unemployed.
    • 7. How to Take Out Guaranteed Installment Loans in Boulder, CO?

      You may acquire a personal installment loan online from the stores listed above in person or online. In addition, you can also acquire a personal installment loan online via a loan broker.