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Jul 27.2022. Filed under: Loans for Bad Credit Hub

What Exactly Is Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL?

Urban BCL is an online broker; in other words, they don’t offer loans themselves but connect you with lenders instead.

Urban BCL links you to lenders that offer bad credit loans for individuals with poor credit ratings, i.e., below 600. You can apply online without any fee and easily get fast cash up to $5000, as long as you’re eligible.

You don’t need good credit ratings to be eligible for bad credit loans at Urban BCL. The eligibility criteria primarily depend on age, residency, an active bank account, and stable income through which the lender evaluates your repayment ability.

Urban BCL is only one option when you need a platform that connects you with lenders. Alternatively, try WeLoans to get your next bad credit loan just as easily and without any hassles.

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Why Do People Like Bad Credit Loans at Urban BCL?

There is more than just one reason for Urban BCL to stand out in terms of bad credit loans. As with many others, they can become your preferred choice for bad credit loans for the following reasons:

Service at Zero Cost

Urban BCL is consistently at work to offer the best services to its customers at no cost. You won’t have to pay a single penny for applying through their website and connecting with a lender.

Easy Process

Urban BCL has made the entire process of applying for a loan and getting it through a lender as easy as it can be. You no longer need to spend hours filling out the form or trying to understand the complexities of it. All it takes is to fill out the form within minutes.

No Pre-Rejections

Traditional lenders reject applications before reviewing them on the sole basis of poor credit ratings. Online lenders such as the ones partnered with Urban BCL review each and every application, no matter the credit history, to evaluate eligibility for the loan.

No Obligation

If you’re thinking that applying for a bad credit loan and getting offers from lenders requires you to choose one, it’s not necessary. You don’t have to accept any offer at all in case you change your mind.

Am I Eligible For Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL?

For a loan such as this, you don’t need to worry about your credit score. Previous debts, late repayments, and a score below 600 are factors that can reduce your chances of a traditional loan. However, with bad credit loans at Urban BCL, the only factors needed for eligibility include:

Legal Age

You must be above 18 years of age to apply for a bad credit loan.

Valid Identification

You must show a valid identification document like a government-issued ID card, passport, or driver’s license as proof of legal age and US citizenship.

Active Bank Account

You must have an active bank account on which you can receive the loan deposit.

Proof of Stable Income

You must be able to show sustainable income, including but not limited to revenue through employment, rents, business, etc.

Simple Steps to Apply for a Bad Credit Loan at Urban BCL

To get fast cash through a bad credit loan at Urban BCL, you need to follow this step-by-step process:

Submit Your Application

Fill in the application form with the basic personal and banking information. It only takes a few minutes, and Urban BCL will then forward your application to their trusted lenders.

Receive Offers From Lenders

It’s up to the lenders to review your application and send an offer upon eligibility. You’re most likely to receive multiple offers from different lenders. Compare the rates and find the one that you think suits your requirements.

Sign the Loan Terms

Once you’ve decided on a lender and agreed to their rates, they’ll send you the terms and conditions and other official documents. Make the final decision and sign the documents.

Get the Loan

All that’s left is to receive the loan! The lender will send you the money in your bank account as quickly as possible, within 1-2 business days as per the typical time range.

Why Is Credit Score Important?

Credit history is an official report with credit bureaus that compiles your entire financial record, including debts, credit card payments, loans, etc. In terms of your credit history, you get an aggregate score depending on your financials.

Credit scores are critical when you need financial assistance in the form of a loan or applying for a new credit card. Without a good credit score to back up your stance, almost every other traditional lender and credit card issuer will reject your application.

Before you lose hope of getting a loan with bad credit, remember that online lenders are more flexible in that matter. They do evaluate credit scores using a soft credit check method to calculate the risks of lending and how much you can borrow. On the bright side, they don’t reject eligible applicants with bad credit.

Effective Tips to Increase Your Credit Score

If your credit score is going downhill, an online lender may still accept your loan application. However, improving your credit score can significantly increase your chances of getting a loan anytime since it proves your responsible financial handling. Here’s how you can start doing that:

Monitor Your Credit Report

Keep a lookout for your official credit reports. For one, there could be errors in personal information like name spellings, address, and contact information. These errors could be one of the factors affecting your credit score. This way, you can check for transaction mistakes by merchants as well.

Don’t Miss Repayments

Repaying credit card repayments on time can significantly raise your credit scores up. Timely repayments show that you’re a responsible credit card user and keep your finances in check. Similarly, missing repayment deadlines can drastically reduce your credit scores, especially if it’s a recurrent habit.

Limit Credit Spendings

At any given time, unless it’s a dire emergency, you shouldn't be spending more than 30% of your credit limit, as suggested by experts. Spending too much is a red flag for financial organizations that you’re over-reliant on spending money that you currently don’t have.

Avoid Applying for New Credit Cards

If you’re about to get a bank loan, a new car, or a property, getting a new credit card allows banks and credit card issuers to run a hard credit check. Hard credit checks can decrease your credit score, especially when it’s already suffering. Go for an online loan instead with a lender that performs soft credit checks in this case.

Get Started on Building Credit

Don’t have a credit history yet? It’s about time you started one. No credit history can sound like a good plan to keep yourself off the charts, but financial institutions also take it as a bad sign. Apply for a credit card, but also ensure that you’re maintaining your credit history.

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