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Of all the options you have for taking out loans, online loan direct lenders should be on your list to consider. The short-term financial solution may give you benefits that you will never get from any platforms of payday loans.

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Jul 27.2022. Filed under: Online Loans Hub

What Are Online Direct Lenders?

When your money is tight yet you have something urgent to spend some money on, online loan direct lenders can give you solutions. They are ready to provide a small loan that will instantly be processed. Most of the time, you may expect the fund to be available in your checking account in no more than 24 hours after applying for it.

For people living with financial struggles, these instant payday loans can make a significant difference in critical times. The small number of loans can be plenty enough to save you from trouble, yet still low enough for you to afford the repayments.

Benefits of Working with a Direct Lender

The fees you have to pay for direct lender loans may be high, but it can be worth it due to the advantages you will get from them.

  • Effortless Application

    The whole process is online. There is no need to commute to get your financial help. You wouldn't even need to redo the application to get offerings from multiple lenders. Simply fill out and submit one application form on WeLoans, and we will connect you with several online loan direct lenders.

  • Instant Process

    Direct lenders will follow up on your submission almost instantly. It may take just a few minutes before you get their decisions regarding your application. If you get approved, your money will be ready in your checking account in no time. It is even possible to get your payday loans ready within the same day.

  • Choose Your Lender

    You will receive multiple loan offers from various lenders. On WeLoans, their offers should contain details about the repayment terms. We highly suggest you compare each one of them to see which one is worth taking the most. Don't forget to consider the lender's reputation as well.

  • No Unnecessary Middleman

    The middlemen on the loan chains are the ones that make the process complicated. Not to mention that there might be extra costs and risks that entail. By getting to direct lenders, you will cut down the unnecessary procedure and be efficient with your time and money.

Why Direct Lenders are a Better Option for Online Loans?

There are many times when you might need a little bit of extra cash to get by. You may need it for grocery shopping at the end of the month, unexpected home repairs, buying tools or books for college, and many others. At such times, time can be critical that waiting for your next payday to come would make it too late by then. Even waiting days to get your loans approved might still be too long.

You need your loans to be ready as soon as possible to prevent your situation from getting even more difficult. Compared to other types of loans, direct lender loans are the fastest ones you can get. They don't run extensive credit checkings. Instead, they will assess you based on your current financial state. This method allows them to process your application almost instantly. Most of the time, it will be ready within the 24-hour timeframe.

How Direct Online Loans on WeLoans Work?

WeLoans understands how people might not have time for a long administrative procedure. Thus, we carry out a very simple process for payday loans from direct lenders.

  • Apply Online

    Visit the WeLoans website to apply for direct lender loans. Fill out our online form as detailedly and accurately as possible so our direct lenders can understand your situation better. Click submit once you finish inputting all the answers.

  • Wait A Minute

    Our direct lenders will follow up on your submission almost immediately with a quick assessment. In a few minutes, they will let you know their decisions. Those who agree to give you a loan will provide detailed information regarding the repayment plans and other terms.

  • Get the Cash

    Pick a lender whose loan offer you are willing to accept. Follow through with the contract, and expect them to transfer the funds as soon as possible. Of course, you may cancel taking a loan if you don't find anything worth taking.

How Does WeLoans Compare?

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How much am I allowed to borrow?Up to $35,000No hidden fees or charges
What are typically the loan terms?Up to 36 monthsVarious repayment options
Do lenders check my credit?Yes Soft search only
Do lenders take bad credit?YesBad credit considered
Chances of approvalGoodQuick turnaround
How to apply?Apply onlineNo paperwork needed
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What to Take Note of Before Selecting Direct Loan Lenders

You have to be considerate when selecting online loan direct lenders to avoid another problem during the repayment process later on. Thus, try reading the details of their loan offer and compare all the options you have. Some of the most crucial points to consider are:

  • Loan Term

    How much money will you borrow and how long will it take for you to repay it all? Of course, you want it to be fast enough to avoid the prolonged burden, yet it also can't be too fast because you need time to get the money ready. Choose the term that you find most balanced.

  • Fees and APR

    It is important to look at the APR of the loans. Every loan has interests you have to play along with the money you borrow. There will also be extra fees when you miss your due date. Everything will add up, and you have to be financially ready for it.

  • Company's Reputation

    Borrowing money from a bogus company will bring you more problems in the future. Fortunately, WeLoans only allow authorized direct lenders on our platform to prevent malicious financial practices. However, you may still need to check out each company's reputation to know which one you can truly trust.

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