Payday Loans That Accept Chime

Are you wondering which payday loan apps accept Chime? Here is everything you need to know.

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Jul 27.2022. Filed under: Payday Loans Hub

Every once in a while, we all have had the cheeky little boy called life knock us off our pedestal. Sometimes, he purposely comes around when you are least prepared, swings one strong curveball, and then knocks you off your balance as hard as possible. These curveballs often hit just before payday when your wallet is grasping for air. It could be a medical emergency, a car emergency, or even something as simple as the need for enough money to buy groceries for your family.

What do you do then? A quick cash advance might be your only option. You can turn to Chime for rebalancing. Chime partners with various payday advance apps to allow you access to monies when you are in a pinch.

But although this can sound like a dream come true, it can be hard to find a payday loan app that accepts Chime. So, in this guide, we tell you all about some of the payday loan apps that work with Chime.

What is Chime?

Before we proceed, it is essential to know that Chime is not a bank. It’s a financial technology company whose services are offered through Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank.

Chime offers a service that allows immediate access to money in your checking account before your next payday. This is known as Chime cash advance.

Ideally, suppose you have a Chime online banking app account. In that case, you can access a short-term loan from Chime. You can access your wages two days earlier than direct deposit on traditional banks when your employer deposits it.

If your account receives at least $200 monthly, you automatically qualify for Chime’s SpotMe service. Once you enroll in this program, you can overdraw up to $20 on Chime debit card purchases with no charges.

Based on various factors such as your account history, amounts and frequency of your direct deposits, spending activity, etc., your SpotMe allowance can increase up to $200 or more.

Chime loan is an inexpensive alternative to traditional payday loans and other emergency loans.

What Is a Cash Advance App?

Cash advance apps (commonly known as cash apps) are apps that offer short-term loans when you need money before your next payday. You are advanced the money, which is then deducted directly from your checking account once your check is deposited.

These apps are typically free or carry a small fee but do not charge interest on the loans. Despite the upfront fees, they are a more affordable option than traditional payday loans or even credit cards.

Here are some cash advance apps that work with Chime.

Apps That Work With Chime


Dave is an app that links to external accounts such as Chime to offer early payday access. It charges a flat fee of $ 1 per month and offers an interest-free payday advance of up to $100. The amount is due by your next payday or the next Friday, depending on the advanced amount.

The advance amount is pegged on two qualified direct deposits, your expected income, your deposits and transactions history, your account balance, and your history of negative account balances.

But does Dave work with Chime?

Yes. Dave supports Chime. Here is how to link Chime to your Dave account:

  • Open your profile tab
  • Select linked banks and cards
  • Click ‘change’
  • Search Chime and follow the process


Cleo is a popular money management app that allows you to link all your financial matters. Not only is it a budgeting and spending tracking app, but it also allows you access to fee-free cash advances to help push you till the next payday.

It allows you to borrow money based on your balance and spending history. You can access up to a $100 cash advance if you subscribe to Cleo Plus. Cleo Plus package charges $5.99 a month.

And Cleo supports Chime. To access Chime on Cleo, just log into your profile and follow the process provided.


Like Cleo, Albert is also a money management app. And yes, it supports Chime bank loans.

Although basic Albert is free, Albert Genious has other cool features such as daily personal finance tips and live expert advice, a 1% interest on savings, and a smart micro-investment account.

In addition, the app supports an advance of between $100 to $250, depending on your income and credit history. There is a monthly fee of $3.99 if you’re on Albert Genius and $4.99 on basic.

To link Chine to your Albert account:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on ‘Budget’
  • Click on ‘+’
  • Then search Chime and add the account.


Empower helps you to budget, track your spending, and automatically set aside your savings. In addition, qualified members are allowed access to up to a $250 cash advance.

To be eligible for the cash advance, you need to have a healthy bank account, frequent employment deposits of above $500, and pay an $8 monthly fee. Additionally, your account should have maintained a balance of $100 for 10 days in the last 30 days and received atleast two deposits of $100 in the last 2 months.

Empower doesn’t charge interest or overdraft fees and doesn’t require a minimum balance. And it’s one of the payday advance apps that work with Chime.

To link Chime to your Empower account:

  • Go to your profile
  • Search for Chime
  • Select and fill in the required details


Varo is an online financial services platform full offering debit cards and other premium products including a high-yield savings account that pays up to 3% interest.

Additionally, Varo allows you access to a $100 cash advance if your account is active, more than 30 days old, and has received more than $1000 direct deposits in the last 31 days. Varo has a credit period of 15 to 30 days.

Varo is one of the loan apps that work with Chime. To link Chime to your Varo account:

  • Open your profile
  • Choose link an account
  • search for Chime
  • Enter your Chime details


Like Varo, MoneyLion is an online financial platform that allows you to manage your finances. It also has part of a cash advance program(what they call instacash) which is based on the size of direct deposits.

Depending on your positive balance, you can get an instacash of between $250 and $1000 on the products subscribed. Other products include; credit builder loans, managed investing, credit score tracking, and other personal loans.

It also allows Chime bank payday loans. To link Chime to your MoneyLion account:

  • Open your profile and click on the ‘Transfers section’ or the ‘‘More Options’ menu under the Finances tab.
  • Select Add Account option.


Klover allows you access to a cash advance of up to $150. However, to qualify, you need at least 3 direct deposits of at least $250 from the same employer to your primary checking account in the past 2 months.

In addition, your account should have been active for at least 3 months and should have weekly or biweekly deposits.

But although they offer cash advance of up to $150, Chime clients can only be qualified for a maximum of $20 due to their limited partnership. Chime and Klover's collaboration is still on a trial basis.

It offers Chime bank loans and linking Chime to Klover is very straightforward. When you log into your profile, you will see a prompt to link the two accounts, and then you can follow the process.


Earnin is a free-interest cash advance app that allows you to withdraw your already earned income before the payday. There are no fees but the app requires a tip. One of its most unique features is the Balance Shield.

Balance Shield informs the customer by push notification when their account balance falls below an amount they have specified, up to $400. Customers can also activate Balance Shield Cash Outs which allows them to cash out up to $100 of their earnings in advance.

But does Earnin work with Chime?

Earnin Chime partnership is currently beta testing its technology with a select group of Chime users. To see if you qualify, use Earnin's “Add Bank” tool to search for Chime. The option to add the account will be displayed if it is accessible.


Branch is a digital wallet for working-class Americans. The app allows any employed person access to early payroll advance of up to $500.

While Branch is compatible with Chime, there is a caveat. According to the Branch Support Page, to qualify for a Chime loan, you must deposit directly to your Branch Wallet in order to qualify for an advance - even if you bank with Chime.

To link Chime to your Branch account:

  • Log into your account and select settings
  • Select payment methods
  • At the bottom of the page select ‘add a new bank or card’
  • Click on ‘Add Bank or Card’
  • Select bank and the Add Chime


At the core, Brigit is a budgeting app that also allows you access to cash advances of up to $250. To access this feature, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 - the free version does not support the cash advance option.

Unfortunately, Brigit is not compatible with many banks including Chime Capital, Net Spend, etc. The app can’t support most of these services due to connectivity issues.

Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Apps

Before you look for loan apps that work with chime, it is important first to understand some of their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Most cash advance apps that accept Chime do not put too much weight on your credit history, making it easy to access an advance even with bad credit.
  • Many apps do not charge interest.
  • Easy access. Loans are processed online.
  • You can escape overdraft fees and other high charges charged by payday loans.
  • You can access cash anywhere whenever you need it.


  • With cash advance apps, you are technically spending your next cheque in advance. If not careful, this could lead you into a monthly debt cycle as you can spend a whole cheque as a cash advance leaving you short of cash again.
  • Some apps charge transfer fees or tips.
  • Many apps charge a monthly fee or require you to upgrade before you can access the cash advance option.

Why Is a Cash Advance App Better Than a Payday Loan?

Cash advance apps are like a magic genie of money. With just a few clicks, they provide the easiest way to access monies before you receive your next paycheck. Additionally, they are easy to set up and even easier to use.

Unlike typical payday loans, cash advance apps do not have loan sharking fees and unthinkably high-interest rates — some even help pay bills and offer a safety net to cover expensive overdraft fees.

The high charges associated with typical payday loans can be catastrophic - they make repayment hard for a normal American leading to second, third, or even fourth loan in an effort for the borrower to settle the debt. Sometimes, interest can be even up to 600%.

And the cream on the cake is, that you won't have to deal with obnoxious, threatening phone calls because your debt is automatically withdrawn from your account at the conclusion of the next pay month.

Bottom Line

Before downloading a cash advance app, — whether it works with Chime cash advance service or not - it is important to think about why you need it. Although it can be a cheaper alternative to other types of payday loans, you shouldn’t make it a habit to rely on these services.

Some payday advance apps that work with Chime can be a great help in your quest for budgeting and general money management tools, but try to use the cash advance button less. Cash advances can be a lifesaver and are useful in some situations, but some side savings or an emergency stash are much better.


How Does a Payday Advance Differ From a Payday Loan?

While there might be a monthly subscription to use the app or a flat charge when you join, most payday advance apps do not charge interest fees. On the other hand, payday loans charge a high-interest rate of even up to 600% — and in case it is rolled over to another payday, interest escalates exponentially.

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Do Payday Advance Apps Affect My Credit Score?

Most payday advance apps have transactions that do not hurt your credit score in the long run. Typically, the money advanced is directly deducted from your account once your employer deposits the money. Also, most do not forward your information to the credit bureau so it won’t affect your credit history.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Payday Advance App?

Application requirements vary from one lender to another. However, at the very least, need to be a U.S. citizen or resident over 18 years of age. You must also have a checking account where you receive direct deposits from your employer.

What Costs and Fees Are There to Use a Cash Advance App?

It varies by app. Many apps charge a monthly subscription fee but do not charge to access cash advances. Others may demand a fee per advance or for “instant” cash advances. Other apps ask for a tip after each financial advance.

How Does a Chime Spotme Work?

Chime SpotMe allows you to make debit card purchases that overdraw your account with zero overdraft fees. If your account receives at least $200 monthly, you automatically qualify for Chime’s SpotMe service. Once you enroll in this program, you can overdraw up to $20 (can increase up to $200) on Chime debit card purchases with no charges.

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Sometimes when life plays dirty tricks on you, you might need to turn to Chime for rebalancing. But not all payday loans support Chime and, therefore, you need to know exactly which payday loans will help save the day.

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