Cash Loans Without Bank Account Near Me

If you’re looking for a quick cash loan, but don't have a checking account, some direct lenders may still be able to able to offer you a cash advance or transfer the funds into your bank account. Apply through us today and get access to dependable, certified direct lenders near you.

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Gaurav ChaudharyFinancial Writer

Jul 27.2022. Filed under: Quick Loans Hub

Can I Get Cash Loans Without a Bank Account?

In most cases, having a bank account, especially a checking account, is a requirement when applying for a loan.

However, this doesn't mean you can't get a cash loan without a bank account. Some online lenders may still be willing to offer you the money you need. The only drawback is that the available loan options may come with unfavorable terms or very high-interest rates to offset the risk of lending to you.

Loans You Can Get Without Checking Account Requirements

Without a bank account, the lenders don’t have a way to learn about your financial information, so their other option is to ask for collateral or provide you with a loan at higher fees. With that said, here are three options for loans without a bank account.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term loans meant to cover out-of-the-blue expenses until your next paycheck arrives. Because of their short repayment period, these loans only come in small amounts. Depending on your lender and location, the amount you can get ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

The good thing is that most payday lenders don't perform hard credit checks to approve your loan. They only want to see proof you can repay the loan.

If you are looking for payday loans without a bank account but don't know where to start, search “payday loans near me” and then go through the requirements of the available options to see which one suits you.

Title Loans

As the name suggests, title loans allow you to get a loan with your car's title. The amount of loan you can get will depend on the value of your vehicle, your state’s requirements, your financial situation, and the amount of money you need.

However, do note that the car will act as collateral. The lender will take its possession if you're unable to repay the loan.

If you want to apply for instant online title loans, consider making your application through WeLoans. We have partner lenders who deal with title loans distributed in almost every state. And you can get various types of title loans, including car title loans, motorcycle title loans, and RV title loans.

Pawnshop Loans

Getting a loan from a pawn shop is another option if you don’t have a bank account. For this type of loan, you provide an item, such as jewelry or a musical instrument, as collateral, and the pawnshop gives you a quick loan based on the appraised value of the collateral.

If you cannot repay the loan, the pawnshop will keep your item and resell it to recover its losses. This can be a huge loss on your part, as in most cases, pawnshops will ask for a collateral item worth more than the loan amount you need.

If you’re looking for a pawn shop near you, just search ‘pawnshops near me,' and Google will give you several nearby options. Compare their requirements and pick the one that appeals to you.

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Why Do Most Lenders Require a Bank Account?

Most lenders require a bank account before approving a loan application because it makes it easier to offer credit and collect payments. After approving your loan application, they can send the funds into your bank account, so you can access the money right where you are.

For starters, many people receive their salaries through their bank accounts. A lender can check the account to determine if you’re capable of repaying the loan you are applying for. They can also check your bank account history to assess your reliability when paying debts.

Should I Open a Bank Account to Get Loans?

While it’s possible to get a loan without a bank account, you’ll only have limited options that are costlier than getting a loan with a bank account. So, if you can, consider opening a bank account.

If, for any reason, you can’t open an account with a traditional bank, consider opening one with an online lender. Various online lenders, including PNC Bank, Ally Bank, and TD Bank, allow you to open and manage mobile bank accounts from your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

Typically, these mobile bank accounts don't charge any fees for monthly maintenance, minimum balance, or overdrafts. You can also receive direct deposits of recurring payments or paychecks without paying processing fees.

Best of all, you can use these accounts to apply for online loans through online lenders or brokers. This not only allows you to enjoy more loan options but also get loans at more favorable terms and interest rates.

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