Installment Loans in Burnsville, MN

Finding the right installment loans in Burnsville is easy, and you can do this more conveniently with our help. Check out the installment loan details in this city below.

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    9 Best Installment Loans in Burnsville, MN

    Below is what we think the top installment loans in the city of Burnsville. You can reliable and hassle-free installment loans from these lenders.

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    Burnsville Installment Loan Calculator

    The calculator below will show you accurately your monthly payment if you take out an installment loan in Burnsville.

    Monthly Payment


    • Total Principal Paid:$10,000.00
    • Total Interest Paid:$327.97
    • Loan term:12 months
    Show amortization schedule

    Burnsville Installment Loans Nearby

    Advisors Mortgage LLC
    No reviews
    Loan agency
    Lakeview Bank
    Cherry Creek Mortgage Co Inc
    No reviews
    Mortgage lender
    Star Choice Credit Union
    Credit union
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    • 1. How Many Loan Companies Are There in Burnsville, MN?

      There are 9 personal installment institutions located in Burnsville, MN.
    • 3. What Do Others Have to Say About the Best Personal Installment Loans in Burnsville, MN?

      The best personal installment institutions in Burnsville, MN is Credilife® ... A Financial Wellness Company. The following are the featured comments that people say about them.

      "I NEVER leave company reviews but I’m extremely disappointed with Credilife and how they handled my situation. When I signed up, I paid $299 plus the $135 monthly fee and informed them that I was going to be going through chemo treatments in the coming months and may have to pause my Credilife account during recovery as I would not be employed. At the time, that was totally fine. Now that I am trying to come back to Credilife, they are telling me I have to pay another enrollment fee plus my $135 from the month I left. Why would I pay the enrollment fee again? They claim it’s for a credit audit. Fine, but nothing on my credit report has changed except for the 2 collection accounts that I personally got removed. This is a terrible way to welcome a client back and make them pay another “audit” fee that they have ALREADY paid for. Supposedly they were going to waive the second audit fee yesterday for me and asked several times when they could take out the $135 monthly payment, but today decided that they couldn’t waive the second audit fee but they could discount it $35. I’m totally for making money as this is your business, but making me pay for another audit to get the same information you already have seems shady and unprofessional. They were outstanding in the beginning and seem to be different than other credit repair companies from a customer service standpoint but this situation has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth. They weren’t able to get anything removed off my report in the short time I used them before I had to pause for treatments. I was able to get to collections removed on my own first try. From a business standpoint, you’d think they’d want to prove their worth and have my account active with them again and help me as they claim they are so driven to do. It’s just another “credit repair” company claiming they are different and want what’s best for you. I have referred several people over to them on Facebook as well. I used to get on their lives several times a week to specifically listen to Jeremy and was actively engaged."

    • 5. Can I Get Personal Installment Loans in Burnsville, MN with No Credit Check?

      Sorry, it is not allowed to get installment loans with no credit check. But WeLoans can help you find 100+ lenders who conduct only soft credit checks when taking out a personal installment loan online.
    • 2. What Are the Top 3 Loan Companies in Burnsville, MN?

      The top 3 personal installment institutions in Burnsville, MN are Credilife® ... A Financial Wellness Company, Brady Mergenthal - Caliber Home Loans, and TruStone Financial Credit Union.
    • 4. Can I Get Personal Installment Loans in Burnsville, MN Even If I Have Bad Credit?

      Yes. You can pick a trustworthy store from the list above and visit their physical location. Or you can also take out bad credit personal installment loans online by clicking this link, which is simple and convenient.
    • 6. Do Unemployed People Have a Chance to Apply for Personal Installment Loans in Burnsville, MN?

      Sure, you can apply for a personal installment loan online even without a job.
    • 7. How to Get Personal Installment Loans in Burnsville, MN?

      You can take out a personal installment loan online from the above-mentioned companies in person or online. Aside from that, you can also take out a personal installment loan online through a lending agency.